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Beautiful Cages Collection 2020 Eleanor Watson enamelled drop earrings with semi precious stones
  • Beautiful Cages Collection 2020 : enamel, silver and carnelian earrings


    Silver, enamel and carnelian dangle earrings from the Beautiful Cages Collection (c) 2020 by Eleanor J Watson. Inspired by our time in lockdowns when the observers became the observed as we were caged indoors with the birds watching us. Unique, one of a kind narrative jewellery from The Jewellery Boat. 

    "We will clothe ourselves in beautiful cages" 

    • How I make them

      I hand cut the shapes from copper, preparing them for enamelling. Each earring is fired 5 times to over 800 degrees, with fine coats of vitreous enamel applied by hand on the front and back. I fabricate and oxidise the silver ear wires and carefully add a tiny semi precious briolette in matching colours as a tear drop of dangled light at the bottom.

    • My Inspiration

      "We will clothe ourselves in beautiful cages" 

      My enamelled earrings with carnelian briolette drops on oxidised sterling silver ear wires. Decorated with images inspired by the exquisite wrought iron galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum .

      My first line is taken from a poem written during lockdown. We are living behind closed doors, standing behind our balconies ( some of which are beautiful wrought iron) This made me reflect on us being like caged birds, unable to live normal lives, and yearning for freedom. Perhaps we need to make them "beautiful cages"? So let's start with our ears!

      Materials: Vitreous enamel on copper, silver and carnelian briolettes

      Total length: 60mm (6cm)

      My "Beautiful Cages" earrings are available in other colours with matching semi precious stones, including garnets, citrines, topaz and carnelian.

      Your earrings will be gift boxed, and sent Royal Mail, First Class Signed for recorded delivery.  Postage and packing are included in the price in the UK only .

      Please see my FAQ's page for further information on posting and payments. Thank you.

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