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Dandelion Lichen earrings Eleanor Watson 2020 Vitreous enamel with oxidised silver earrings
  • Dandelion Lichen earrings - Silver, enamel & copper Palimpsest Collection


    Dandelion Oxidised enamel earrings by Eleanor J Watson (c) 2020 Inspired by the delicate seed heads of the common dandelion that are surely one of the most beautiful structures known. Part of the Palimpsest Collection 2020. Unique, one of a kind, nature inspired earrings from The Jewellery Boat (r) 

    • My Inspiration for these earrings

      I am captivated by lichens, the sheer variety, subtlety of colours and patterns with their slow growing habits, some of less than a milimetre a year. Gravestones are often home to tiny lichen worlds, living largely undisturbed in these quiet places. Colonies abide on London Plane trees, the wind dislodges them, an annual shedding of bark, so they fly like tiny magic carpets, I am often found picking up these colourful samples to inspire me. Dandelion seed heads are so fragile and beautiful and often found in similar places, awaiting their wind dispersal too.

      These Jewellery Boat enamelled drop earrings are inspired by both dandelions and lichens and are made from translucent white enamel with speckles of green and gold. A "one of a kind" unique pair, a special gift for your ears!


      Sterling silver oxidised oval stud: 13mm x 10mm

      Enamel drop : 24mm x 12mm

      Total earring drop length: 38mm

      Supplied with 2 x sterling silver butterflies

      Your earrings will be gift boxed, ready to give. Postage and packing are included in the price in the UK only.  I will post these to you Royal Mail, First Class Recorded Delivery.

      Thank you

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