Splash bowl - fused glass - turquoise and deep blue
  • Splash bowl - fused glass - turquoise and deep blue


    My splash bowls are inspired by raindrops falling on water, the upwards motion of water as it meets water, and the corona created. They also have an underwater sea creature feel to them! Perhaps a jellyfish, well they can be either, but it is the fluidity that appeals to me and the movement in the glass. 


    They are very complcated to make and involve several firings and umpteen pieces of glass all fused together and slumped! They are my own design and I make them in a range of colours, and can make them to order if you require a particular colour.


    They can be used a decorative bowls, but also as candle night -ight holders which when lit will throw intriguing shadows across the room with the reflection through the splashes!


    Dimensions: 16cm approx diameter, 8 cm approx high.

    Colours: Turquoise, deep blue, orange and yellow

    Material: Fused Glass and partly recycled fused glass


    Your Splash bowl will be gift boxed and posted Royal Mail Second class in the UK only. If you would like your bowl posted to someone as a gift, please let me know at the time you place your order. Thank you.