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Jewellery puzzles and problem solving...

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So what happens when you've drawn a design and decided on the materials you want to use? That's when the hard work really begins in planning the piece, how it will fit together and hang, what the connections need to be and most importantly the order in which everything must be done. It is so easy to miss something, to saw through an essential tab or forget to solder a join. Thinking it all through is a jeweller's MUST DO! Time spent now is time saved later, even though you are raring to get going and start making! Sometimes it can be useful to "mock up" the design in paper or card as a physical model of where you want to be heading. Taking notes is also helpful, especially if you are trying a new technique. I keep a notebook and take lots of photos as I go, it helps for when someone commissions you and you need to repeat it all over again! "Yes I can make it again, no problem!"

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