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"Off the shelf" or "of yourself"?

(c) Eleanor Watson 2016 Handmade fused glass brooch | The Jewellery Boat Blog

"Off the shelf" or "of yourself"? So what am I talking about? Today I am thinking about glass making materials. There are so many types of glass supplied "ready to use", but they are all "off the shelf" anyone can buy them and use them (and recognise them). But how do we go about personalising glass, making it " of ourselves" with something of our individuality, creativity and personal story within it? I love to make glass inspired by nature, moss, lichens and the seashore, so making my own glass sheets, and turning them into jewellery that contains my personal creative story is important to me. I also love to teach others how to do this. If you'd like to explore personalising your glass making, check out my Advanced Fused Glass Jewellery Course next taking place on Sat/Sun 25th/26th March 2017 at Rainbow Glass Studios. Two days to think outside the box, to push your creativity and to discover and make your own personal story in glass.

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