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Abney Park Jewellery Collection Eleanor Watson (c) 2020 Angle Ivy Earrings with pearls
  • Angel Ivy Pearls - Silver and Pearl earrings - Abney Park Collection 202


    Angel Ivy Pearl earrings Eleanor J Watson (c) 2020 Small dangles, Sterling silver and cultured Baroque Pearl droplets. Part of the Abney Park Collection 2020.

    Inspired by walks around the cemetery, where nature overgrows the angels with an ivy blanket. One of a kind unique narrative jewellery created at The Jewellery Boat


    • Aftercare:

      Please only clean these earrings with a soft cloth.

      Do not immerse them in silver cleaner as this will damage the pearls and also remove the oxidisation of the silver that gives them their gunmetal colouring.

      Please do not wear when showering or washing your hair as the pearls are natural creations and do not like detergents which will take away their shine or "nacre".

      Thank you.

    • My Inspiration for these earrings:

      There are fewer more peaceful or atmospheric places in London than Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington. The overgrown woodland, a resting place of thousands of "dissenters" from Victorian times.

      With my love of all things beautiful in decay, as well as lichens and mosses and "palimpsest" (the past bleeding through into the present) this is one of my favourite places for a walk of discovery into the lives of those at rest here. I enjoy taking photos as I discover angels and statues, celtic crosses, carved lions and passion-flowers, lilies and clasped hands, all waiting for the first signs of resurrection. It's only the ivy over their graves that is holding them down.

      This pair of silver and baroque pearl earrings were inspired by my visits here, and the way the ivy reclaims the stones. I have imprinted my own ivy leaves on the triangular studs. I love the very slightly fleshy-nacre (pearly shine) of these pear-shaped Baroque pearls. These were made for your afternoon walk in the cool of the woods.


      Total drop: 25mm

      Materials: Sterling silver and cultured Baroque pearls

      Supplied with two sterling silver butterflies.

      Your earrings will be gift boxed, ready to give. Postage and packing are included in the price and I will post these to you Royal Mail, First Class Recorded Delivery. Thank you

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