About The Jewellery Boat® and me

My name is Eleanor. I am a narrative jeweller and I teach jewellery making. I am also a lover of boats, and The Jewellery Boat® is where it all happens!


I set up my small business in 2012 when I left my NHS office job with a desire to pursue jewellery making. I needed a space in which to work and my first studio in 2014 was a narrowboat floating on London's waterways making and teaching courses in jewellery making and so The Jewellery Boat® was born!  


I design and make narrative mixed media jewellery. Since 2014,  I have taught a wide variety of courses afloat and on dry land, encouraging people to explore their own creativity in jewellery making and glass. (You will find my current course details in the shop tab above.)


Story-telling in bespoke jewellery making is very important to me. I work across a variety of media, including hand-dyed anodised aluminium, kiln enamel, found objects, patterned polymer clay, fused glass and glazed porcelain. I would describe myself as a "coloursmith".  I particularly enjoy telling a story through the pieces I make, often writing poetry to accompany or inspire my jewellery. 


Contrasts in my environment, the colours and patterns in nature and the dereliction of industry, peeling paint and rust all fascinate me, as well as microscopic life of mosses and lichens which seem to survive and outlive everything!


In my glass and jewellery workshops I aim to draw people into their own world of creativity, to help them to find and express their individuality.


I teach because it is my firm belief we all have creative potential. Creativity is a gift to be exercised as a life long journey of exploration and discovery. Using this is as important as any other, but some of us have had the ability to play and be creative dismissed (often when we were children) in favour "more important" life skills. Some of us need to rediscover our creative selves and my workshops aim to see this happen.

I provide workshops to small groups at weekends at Rainbow Glass Studios in Stoke Newington N16 0JL.




I want you to come to my workshops and find out something new about yourself that seeds vision and self-belief in your own creative potential. 


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