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Fused Glass Snowflakes
  • Fused Glass Snowflake Christmas Decoration


    Fused Glass Snowflake Christmas Decoration (£16.00 includes P+P in the UK) Handmade hanging decoration

    • Details

      "Snow is falling , all around us, children playing having fun...."

      These delicate fused glass snowflakes are handmade. I cut the glass to my design, fusing it in the kiln until it melts together (thankfully not melting away the snowflake design!) Did you know there are over 30 pieces of cut glass involved in making each individual fused glass snowflake? That's a proper fiddly one to assemble for fusing!

      Fused Glass Snowflakes look lovely hung in a window to catch the light or against the fir-green of your Christmas tree. Unique and handmade, they are an unusual present and a one of a kind decoration for your Christmas celebrations.

      Dimensions: 13cm diameter

      They look equally lovely hung in a group from a tree branch if you haven't the room for a whole tree in your festivities, and make a delightful, unique and unusual present too.

      If you are interested in commissioning me to make you a fused glass snowflake inyour choice of alternative colours, please be in touch and we can discuss options together. Commissions are always welcome.

      Your fused glass snowflake will be carefully wrapped and posted "Royal Mail, 1st class".

      Postage and packing within the UK only are included in the price.

      Thank you!

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