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Lichen inspired drop dangle earrings Eleanor Watson 2020 Vitreous enamel on copper with silver studs
  • Silver and enamel drop earrings - Lichen inspired


    Currently on display in the Morley College Foyer: Narrative Jewellery Exhibition.


    Silver and enamel Lichen dangle earrings Eleanor J Watson (c) 2021 Inspired by the colourful worlds of lichen that drop with the falling bark from the Plane trees in the park. Microcosms in community with the beautiful colours they share. Unique, one of a kind narrative jewellery from The Jewellery Boat

    • Care instructions

      Enamel is glass fired onto to a metal surface, in this instance to copper. It is therefore fragile and these earrings should not be dropped on any hard surface or the enamel may chip or crack. 

      To clean the silver, please use a soft silver polishing cloth. Do not put the whole earring into silver cleaning solution as this may adversely affect the surface of the enamel making it cloudy or causing it to lose its shine.

      Thank you.

    • My Inspiration

      I am always surprised by the variety of subtle colours and patterns found in lichens, ranging from aqua blues, to bright reds, deep oranges to bluey greys. I am often found picking up fallen samples to examine these tiny worlds!

      These enamelled drop earrings are inspired by my nature finds, and are a beautiful aqua blue-green, with speckles of orange and red and mustard yellow. This pair are unique, one of a kind earrings, a special gift for your ears!


      Sterling silver oval stud: 10mm x 8mm

      Speckledy enamel drop : 38mm x 12mm

      Total earring drop length: 48mm

      Supplied with 2 x sterling silver butterflies

      Your earrings will be gift boxed, ready to give. Postage and packing are included in the price in the UK only and I will post these to you Royal Mail, First Class Recorded Delivery. Thank you

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