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Enamel and silver drop dangle earrings Palimpsest Collection Eleanor Watson 2020 red enamel and oxidised silver
  • SOLD Silver and enamel drop earrings - Palimpsest Collection - Red


    SOLD: SIlver enamel Palimpsest dangle earrings by Eleanor J Watson (c) 2021. In a fiery red enamel with images taken from my own photographs of peeling paint and layers of history coming back to haunt us. Unique one of a kind narrative jewellery from The Jewellery Boat. Commissions welcome if you would like a pair. 

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    • Care instructions

      Enamel is glass fired onto to a metal surface, in this instance to copper. It is therefore fragile and these earrings should not be dropped on any hard surface or the enamel may chip or crack. 

      To clean the silver, please use a soft silver polishing cloth. Do not put the whole earring into silver cleaning solution as this may adversely affect the surface of the enamel making it cloudy or causing it to lose its shine.

      Thank you.

    • My Inspiration

      There is something irresistable about peeling paint, and the beauty of decaying or worn surfaces. I recently discovered a new word - "palimpsest" which means "again rubbed smooth". It was originally used of surfaces where writing has been superimposed over earlier script, leaving the surface altered but still bearing traces of what lays underneath. A mysterious ghostly message!

      For enamellers, this "again rubbed smooth" is an oft done task as we stone back our surfaces to smooth them again before applying more enamel. I really like this thought of hidden messages bleeding through from past layers. These musings have inspired my new Palimpsest collection of enamelled earrings.

      I never quite know how my designs will materialise, but I enjoy making decals (kiln enamel transfers) from my own photographs of peeling paint and decaying surfaces, and applying them to the surface of my enamelled earrings.

      This pair are kiln fired with a rich red enamel on the front and an olive green on the back. The ear posts are oxidised sterling silver with a hand-hammered texture.  One of a kind, elegant and totally unique!


      Sterling silver ear post: 10mm diameter

      Enamelled droplet: 38mm long

      Total length of drop earring: 48mm

      They are supplied with 2 x sterling silver butterflies.

      Your earrings will be gift boxed and ready to give.

      Postage and packing are included in the price, and I will send your parcel First Class Royal Mail, recorded delivery. 




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