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Lichen Inspired Enamel and silver earrings Eleanor Watson 2020
  • Silver and enamel droplet earrings - Lichen inspired


    SIlver and enamel Lichen droplet earrings by Eleanor J Watson (c) 2021. Inspired by the lichens found on rocks, imperceptible in their slow growth, fanning out into flower patterns over decades, centuries, maybe even millenia. One of a kind narrative jewellery from The Jewellery Boat

    • My Inspiration:

      Slowly growing lichens fan out in floral patterns across the weather worn rocks, their blossoming completely imperceptible, Decades of growth in every inching step. This is partly what fascinates me about lichens, their longevity, and survival over hundreds of thousands of millennia!

      This smaller pair of droplets have an almost Japanese lacquer-like finish, with the beauty of the copper showing through around the preserved enamelled lichen flowers. Subtle in colours and delicate as lace.


      Sterling SIlver circular stud - 10mm diameter

      Enamelled lichen flower droplet: 20mm x 12mm

      Total length of earring: 30mm

      Supplied with 2 x sterling silver butterfly backs

      Your earrings will be gift boxed ready to give. Postage and packing are included in the price in the UK only .

      I will send them Royal Mail, First Class Recorded Delivery. Thank you.

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