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Travelling back in time with enamelling!

What does the word "enamel" mean to you? Perhaps it reminds you of your Grandma's blue and white plates, or chipped antique baths, or London Underground Tube signs, (or maybe even having your teeth fixed!) There's another world of enamelling I'd like to introduce you to going back to the art and jewellery of ancient civilisations. The Egyptians, Romans, Greek and Chinese all have a history in colouring metals using finely ground glass, fused with heat onto the surface, and although the techniques have not changed, the kilns we use nowadays mean exciting results in just minutes! I am running a introductory day course in Enamelling on Copper on Saturday 21st January at Rainbow Glass Studios If you fancy some time-travelling to learn this ancient skill, there are still a couple of places left in my tardis! (Photos: Courtesy of Jill Leventon, Eleanor Watson, Penny Gildea)

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