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Alluding to a few of my favourite things.....

Frosted deep blue sloe berry, blackthorn covered in mustard lichen

I am a simple soul, I am not impressed by lots of gold and big flashy jewels, my treasures are more about small things I observe in nature, in decay and the never ending cycle of life.

I can frequently be found staring at rotting tree stumps and spalted wooden twigs with their finely written script of fungal decay. The bold oranges, mustard yellows and robin-egg blues of piped lichen on granite stones along the coastal path. Flaking farm machinery, the rusting curve of a narrowboat hull, the burnt sienna of corrugated iron sheds and the blistered architecture of old canals. A palimpsest of layers of peeling paint whispering "do you remember me?" Worn pebbles on a beach, discarded seashells and sculptural seed pods, rattling with expectant life. Small things that change imperceptibly slowly, whilst creating great beauty in my eyes as the beholder.

Wonder is the key to my creativity, it's a metamorphosis from initial inspiration to the making of new pieces, a fresh journey of exploration every time. Where shall I go next? This is perhaps a timely question as I ponder these starting points in pulling together my narrative jewellery exhibition, "Reflections" taking place in Morley College Foyer until 10th November 2022. Looking back is a good way of beginning to look forward again, and I am surprised at recurring themes as I continue to make narrative jewellery and draw from the well of ideas lifted a bucket at a time. (Water being one of them!)

Water-logged brooch: Enamel, Bog Wood, Quartz and Sapphire

Photography plays a significant part in my research and it is only in retrospect I can see the connections. My photographs are a diary of what my eyes have been drawn to, the details and images that have ignited my imagination or curiosity.

Oxidised silver circular studs with 5 tiny mustard jasper dangles  by Eleanor J Watson (c) 2022The Jewellery Boat (r)
Gather, River, Breath: silver, mustard jasper stud earrings

I love to play with ideas. I am an "allusionist", mixed-media the language from which I compose what I want to say (or allude to) in creating my one of a kind, visual, wearable poems.

Come and see my work between 9.30am and 8.30pm daily until 10th November 2022 at Morley College - 61 Westminster Bridge Road London SE1 7HT located in the Barbara Christie Case in the Foyer on the ground floor. The private view is on Thursday 29th September 2022 between 6.00and 7.30pm.

Consider yourself invited, it will be lovely to meet you!

Gather, River, Breath : a set of three earrings Eleanor J Watson (c) 2018


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