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3 low tech ways to "cold work" your fused glass jewellery

Making fused glass jewellery is a pleasure in many ways, but it also requires care, effort and elbow grease to finish our pieces well. Not all of us have a professionally equipped studio in which to work with access to power tools such as the water-cooled pillar drill shown here. So here at the The Jewellery Boat Blog, we are looking at our alternative options for low-tech cold working. Here are my top 3 ideas to help you achieve a better finish: 1> A Dremel rotary hand drill with a diamond tipped drill bit: to make small holes in glass. I have a Dremel 3000 model rotary drill, which when used at the slowest speed drills clean holes right through glass cabochons. There are various guides on

Frank-ly inspiring fabrics at the Fashion and Textile Museum

A gloriously colourful brand of modernism is currently on display at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, London. The working collaboration between the Austrian born Josef Frank (1885-1967) and Estrid Ericson jointly redefined the style of "Swedish Modern"in furniture, lighting, glassware, fabrics and interior design in what can only be described as a joyful and playful exuberance of pattern and colour. (So this is going to be right up my street!) I expectantly paid a visit on Thursday with an equally inspired fabric-loving friend to lift our spirits and install a sense of creativity to our week. As I am teaching an advanced fused glass course this weekend my purpose in attending wa

Finding your own voice, a journey of creative discovery

Being able to copy is one of the ways we learn in life, being original is another challenge altogether for the artist. Hasn't it all been done before? Is there anything left that I can do that is "mine"? This is where finding your own creative voice comes in. We are all individuals with a completely unique set of experiences, history, likes and dislikes, motivations, family, relationships, interests, skills and ideas. I believe every one of us is creative and our creativity is expressed in different ways. Exploring how to celebrate and plug into our own uniqueness, (avoiding unhelpful comparisons with what we see others doing) and setting off on our own journey is an exciting prospect! What

Subconscious connections make collections

Creativity is a strange gift! Here at the Jewellery Boat, I can struggle to come up with ideas of how to develop my collection all day and then at 3.30am when I am asleep an idea percolates its way into my consciousness, knocking so hard on my eyelids that I am woken and have to get up and doodle my design down (and the construction of it) into my notebook quickly for I know for sure it will be gone by the morning! Such is the nature of being a designer and maker, seize the moment, seize the day (or night!) and seize the design before it disappears! Here is one such moment now captured in silver where the "little sister" earrings of my recent "gather,river,breath" series came to me in a flas

Right on the button....a social history of 20th Century Women as told through their clothing.

How many of us have an old button box or tin stashed away in the sewing cupboard, perhaps inherited from our mother, grandmother (or possibly even our great grandmother?) As children, my sisters and I used to love playing with our Nana's colourful collection of buttons. The only ingredients needed for hours of fun were a flour scoop, a few empty paper bags and an old fashioned weighing scales for a ready-made "sweet shop" to entertain our fertile imaginations! But what of the stories associated with these buttons, the garments to which they used to belong? The special occasions they have graced, not just a set of fastenings but little treasured jewels in glass, wood, mother of pearl, acrylic

Emerging through the morning mists...

I am continuing to develop my new jewellery collection on the theme of "Gather- river - breath" and these are my latest pair of earrings, hot off the bench peg this week. I wanted to capture some of the colours of early morning mists as the sun rises, and the contrast of silhouettes and shadows as light dawns again. These are an earthy pair. The faceted Labradorite beads have a beautiful internal chatoyance which contrasts well with the oxidised silver. The tiny jasper beads return me to my love of mosses and lichens on wet rocks and the rich yellow and mustard colours. I am pleased with this pair! I showed some of my new collection to a friend recently and she commented that they were "qui

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