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Bowled over we are!

A new day course has rolled up at Rainbow Glass Studios, we're now teaching you to enamel on bowls!

Yesterday marked our first session exploring enamel on curved and domed forms, presenting a new set of challenges to working on flat copper shapes. With larger copper "canvasses" there is also much more scope for your creative decoration!

We begin by working on smaller pendant sized bowls to make test decorative samples and to create a good enamelled surface, progressing to complete two small bowls later in the day (once our confidence in applying enamel to curved surfaces without it falling off has been established!)

The first of our photos from the day is from our novice bowl-enameller, Nancy. A subtle and beautiful combination of turquoise and white opaque enamels, with silver foil and transparent enamels on top.

Cool as swirling waves, really lovely!

We'll be repeating this day course on Wednesday 7th December 2022 , just in time for Christmas. The course could either be an early present (we offer gift vouchers for our day courses for the crafty folk in your lives) or perhaps for you to attend and make your own unique present for someone special this year?

We keep our enamelling courses to a maximum of 4 people to allow for 1:1 attention (and we are conscious of the need to maintain personal space and social distancing in enclosed environments, so it makes sense to keep everyone comfortable and with plenty of enamelling elbow room too!)

See the "shops" tab on the menu for details of all our day courses in the coming months. We always aim to teach step by step so no-one gets left behind and everyone comes away with something they can be proud of!

Maybe it's your turn to try something new with us too?


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