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Celebrating the worldwide glass community!

One of the great things about social media is the way we can connect with people across the world, finding new communities doing the same things as us (or doing totally different things!) Working as a self-employed jeweller and tutor can be a slightly disconnected way to earn a living. (I am told I talk to myself more than I used to!) So I sometimes seek out local creative communities and on-line opportunities for connection to the wider glass world! One such inclusive community event in the UK is a community glass initiative set up by Rev. Rachel Parkinson (Chair of the Methodist Church: Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District). Her church will be open as a venue during the International Fes

Unzip your creative potential!

As a teacher and creative artist I firmly believe in the creative potential of every human being. Some would say creativity belongs only to a chosen few, the "artists" or "musicians" or "writers" in this world, but I beg to differ. Creativity is built into the very core of our being and our identity, we can't live or move ourselves to action without it. There are dozens of ways to be creative, here are just a few: having an idea you've not had before, being resourceful, being hospitable or friendly to a stranger. Thinking of ways to make someone else happy or feel more cared for, or in encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle. Nursing or feeding someone, making a cup of tea and spendi

Time waits for no man or woman....

What time is it? A question frequently heard throughout each day. Are we ahead of ourselves or chasing to catch up, or perhaps even "on time"? In the busyness of life, work and family commitments, our "to do" lists grow at exponential speed until we are rushed off our feet like "headless chickens" (whose time must surely be limited?) Perhaps we should be asking ourselves different questions? What is my time for? How can I best spend it along with my skills, talents, and money? And to what purpose ? That our time is running out, is one truth of our common human existence that cannot be denied. I recently spent time with a good friend who lost her husband very suddenly last year. As she appro

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