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Beetle wings are beautiful things

During a recent fascinating visit to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, I encountered within their mahogany-framed display cases rows of the most beautiful iridescent beetles in a spectrum of colours, like little foiled Quality Street bugs. They reminded me of the wonderful reflective qualities of dichroic glass favoured and used by fused glass artists and jewellery makers. This week as I prepared for my Fused Glass Jewellery for Beginners Course at Rainbow Glass Studios, I thought I would try using this material to create my own shiny "Mirror Bugs". Here are the first fused pair! If you are interested in learning how to use dichroic glass, why not check out my courses via the Jewellery Boat website. Beware! You might just get bitten by the fused dichroic glass bug!

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The Jewellery Boat Blog | Fused Glass Beetles | Eleanor Designs 2017

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