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Subconscious connections make collections

Creativity is a strange gift! Here at the Jewellery Boat, I can struggle to come up with ideas of how to develop my collection all day and then at 3.30am when I am asleep an idea percolates its way into my consciousness, knocking so hard on my eyelids that I am woken and have to get up and doodle my design down (and the construction of it) into my notebook quickly for I know for sure it will be gone by the morning!

Such is the nature of being a designer and maker, seize the moment, seize the day (or night!) and seize the design before it disappears! Here is one such moment now captured in silver where the "little sister" earrings of my recent "gather,river,breath" series came to me in a flash in the wee hours! More variations on this theme to follow soon! See The Jewellery Boat Shop for items in this range. Thank you!

Gather River Breath Collection (c) 2017 Eleanor Watson |

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