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Unzip your creative potential!

Allium flower unfolding its potential The Jewellery Boat Blog

As a teacher and creative artist I firmly believe in the creative potential of every human being.

Some would say creativity belongs only to a chosen few, the "artists" or "musicians" or "writers" in this world, but I beg to differ.

Creativity is built into the very core of our being and our identity, we can't live or move ourselves to action without it.

There are dozens of ways to be creative, here are just a few: having an idea you've not had before, being resourceful, being hospitable or friendly to a stranger. Thinking of ways to make someone else happy or feel more cared for, or in encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle. Nursing or feeding someone, making a cup of tea and spending time in conversation with a friend, or giving something to someone you know they will like; it's the thoughtfulness for the small things and prayerfulness too. Perhaps growing a garden, writing a letter, taking a detour from your normal way home, or finding a new way of doing something. Inventing a tool that is just right for the job, planning or finding a solution to a problem, being entrepreneurial, making things, or money......the list is endless!

Crafting words into poems, metal into jewellery, clay into pottery, paint into masterpieces, notes into music may all be considered "artistic", but these skills don't hold the monopoly on creativity!

Creativity holds a mystery in that it can't be measured by statistics and audits. (no matter how many Governments think "stats" are the way to measure ability, aptitude, or potential!) Comparisons between individuals are pointless when we are all as uniquely gifted as we are genetically different from each other. The output of our creativity is all around us relationally in the world, our work and our hobbies and underpins the families and communities of which we are a part and in which we live.

I took the above picture of an Allium flower in St Mary's Church Garden in Islington. It reminds me of a fullness of life that is fit to burst and full of potential. The crowded pink buds jostle for space anticipating their explosion into a purple firework of star flowers. Next time you are feeling less than creative, think on this image. You too are a highly creative human being, just as chock-full of potential as this allium flower. Go on! Unzip your potential and show us what you are made of!

The Jewellery Boat Blog - Allium flowers -

The alliums are currently in flower - St Mary's Islington Garden is another peaceful city oasis in which to sit a while and think up some new creative ideas!

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