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3 top tips for clinching the deal

Following last week's Jewellery Boat Blog on the topic of getting ready for craft fairs, we're back with chapter two:

That will do nicely! - 3 more tops tips for clinching the deal

Being prepared to deal with sales and commissions is key to a successful day!

1> Here’s my business card! You never know when someone will want to commission you. Be ready with attractive professionally-made business cards. I use I find the software easy to use. There's the added bonus of being able to include as many photos as I want to create a variety of images on my cards. I have tried other suppliers, but keep coming back to Moo! Make sure your photos are "super-smashing-lovely", you need quality shots. Having said that I use my I-Phone for most of my photography, editing them when necessary. So if you can't yet run to employing a photographer for professional studio shots, don't let that put you off taking your own pictures and using them on your cards. A good photo reminds your punters of your products!

(PS: This is not a sponsored post, but if you use this link, we will both receive a reduction off our next order) Here's the link:

More tips below this photo.....

The Jewellery Boat Blog business cards

2> Floating about?

You don’t want to be without sufficient change in cash. Prepare a healthy float with £1 and £2 coins. Include fivers and tenners, think about your pricing and the change you are likely to need if several people buy earrings for say £17.50 a pair?

Consider buying a card reader (such as SumUP or IZettle) that works with your phone’s Wi-Fi for purchases from customers without cash and for those tempting impulse buys on the day. (Some punters don’t carry cash at all anymore, so you could be missing out on sales!). Keep a record of what you have sold, it is useful to reflect on your sales afterwards and to guide you in making replacement stock (and keeping a tab on your sales is essential for your accounts).

3> It’s a wrap! Have your packaging all ready to go - boxes, paper bags, ready-cut tissue paper, scissors, stickers, ribbon, tape, whatever you know you will need. Practice your gift wrapping to a fine art and remember to give a business card to each new customer. At Christmas time, NOT having to rewrap a present is an absolute bonus for most customers, so consider your packaging, and become their "Christmas Present Wrapping Fairy"- you could be making their day!

That's it folks for chapter two, but fret not, there is more to come next week on my preparing for craft fairs topic of "Why it always pays to be friendly".

In the meantime, go take some cracking photos of your products and get the ball rolling on the business cards! See you again next week. Here's that link to the Moo discount again

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