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Time waits for no man or woman....

Dandelion clocks in the wind, The Jewellery Boat Blog,

What time is it? A question frequently heard throughout each day. Are we ahead of ourselves or chasing to catch up, or perhaps even "on time"? In the busyness of life, work and family commitments, our "to do" lists grow at exponential speed until we are rushed off our feet like "headless chickens" (whose time must surely be limited?)

Perhaps we should be asking ourselves different questions?

What is my time for?

How can I best spend it along with my skills, talents, and money?

And to what purpose ?

That our time is running out, is one truth of our common human existence that cannot be denied. I recently spent time with a good friend who lost her husband very suddenly last year. As she approaches the anniversary of his passing away, it brought home to me the fragility of our co-existence, the dreams and plans we make for the future, perhaps with someone who can now no longer be a part of them. I am reminded of the pressing urgency to value each day, and to make it count. To try to make a difference for the better, the need to treasure relationships, and nurture each friendship and not to put off doing and saying the important things.

I took this picture as we enjoyed a walk along the riverbank in conversation. As children we would blow on the seed heads of these fragile dandelion clocks to "tell the time". If all the seeds blew away on the first breath it was one o'clock, if it took two breaths it was two o'clock and so on until they were all gone. The little feathery parachutes would dislodge, disperse in the wind and fly away to begin new cycles of life. We never knew how many breaths it would take.

For me, these dandelion clocks represent a visual reminder for the passing of time and life. I find myself joining with the Psalmist who prayed, "Teach us to realise the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom".( Psalm 90 v 12). Amen to that!

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