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Fatal attraction to dichroic colour!

For those of you who have not worked with fused glass you have yet to encounter the glories of dichroic glass! The word dichroic in its simplest form means "two-coloured". Where glass is concerned it reflects visible light split up into two (or more) distinct beams of different wavelengths (colours). It's ideal for use in fused glass jewellery where an eye catching "bling"factor is valued! I personally like to use it as an accent alongside transparent and opaque glass, but some of my students use it with complete abandon producing wonderful exuberant creations akin to the iridescence of peacock feathers. Today I have been preparing for the "Fused Glass Jewellery for Beginners" course I am running in February at Rainbow Glass Studios. Here are a few of the many colours of dichroic-coated black glass. Please visit if you are interested to attend a future course to learn how to use this wonderfully reflective glass!

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