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Enamel, and all that the Fashion and Textile museum

1920's silk blouson jacket with enamelled parrot brooch

I'm am delighted to be taking part in the Maker's Yearbook during 2017 to help me focus, structure and develop my small business. One of the commitments we have to make is to do something each week for ourselves that isn't directly related to our business, so I dutifully headed with my good friend Deba to the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey. We just caught the final days of the 1920's Age of Jazz exhibition, a be-sequinned and sparkly-glass-beaded-treasure-trove of "flapper" dresses and outfits to die for, accompanied by iconic photographs by James Abbe, film and theatre photographer. Both being enamelers, we spotted this unusual enamel brooch featuring three Macaws. In an age before plastics or even bakelite were widely used and with sequins being made from gelatine, (one wonders what happened if they got wet?!) kiln enamel still played a big part in colouring metal for jewellery. The exhibition ends tomorrow at 5.00pm - still time to get in a flap and pay a visit!

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