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And I am a materials girl......

What inspires you to make and create things? Is it your surroundings? Colour combinations? The patterns, shapes or forms of nature? Perhaps a poem, or a book you are reading where words conjure ideas in your imagination? For me it includes taking photographs of the minutiae of nature, my environment, patterns or colours that catch my eye, along with how these things make me feel. All play a part in my creative journey as well as the materials. I have been described as a "materials junkie" and like many jeweller's there is a little of the magpie in all of us. "Ooh look!" and we squirrel it away like an acorn in hiding, waiting for it to sprout and grow one day. Take time to notice the small things, there is much beauty right under our noses, you never know, you may even be starting your own creative journey!

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