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Emerging through the morning mists...

Gather River Breath dangle earrings Eleanor Designs (c) 2017 |

I am continuing to develop my new jewellery collection on the theme of "Gather- river - breath" and these are my latest pair of earrings, hot off the bench peg this week. I wanted to capture some of the colours of early morning mists as the sun rises, and the contrast of silhouettes and shadows as light dawns again. These are an earthy pair. The faceted Labradorite beads have a beautiful internal chatoyance which contrasts well with the oxidised silver. The tiny jasper beads return me to my love of mosses and lichens on wet rocks and the rich yellow and mustard colours. I am pleased with this pair! I showed some of my new collection to a friend recently and she commented that they were "quite industrial in feel". She is right in a way, I also love cast iron, the silhouette of the gas works, industrial steel structures, pylons and riveted bridges over the river. Subconsciously it is all feeding into the jewellery making mix! There will be more on this theme to follow this space!

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